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    December 15-17 Atlantic City bargain break

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    December 11 Christine and I saw a most remarkable theatrical production last night. It was played in El Museo del Barrio on Fifth Avenue, at about 107th Street.

    I had been to this museum two or three times over the last 15 years or so and never realized that the building included a wonderful auditorium with scenes from pantomimes painted on its walls! Apparently, the building was originally an orphanage and the theatre was an integral part of its purpose.

    The work is entitled: El gato con botas (Puss in Boots in English) and when I first saw it, it conjured up the boyhood memories of my pantomime-going days. My parents took me and my brother, Les, to the Ilford Hippodrome every Christmas to see whatever pantomime was being offered.

    But this production was not like any pantomime I had ever seen! All the characters, except for the Miller and the Princess, are played by remarkably expressive puppets directed by highly skilled teams of puppeteers, and their voices are supplied by opera singers in fine voice. A twenty-piece orchestra, directed by Neal Goren, provides the superb score. The disintegration of the Ogre and Puss's outwitting of him/her must be seen! The performance is mounted by the Gotham Chamber Opera Company.

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The content of this bBenbloglog is directed mainly, but not entirely, towards friends and travelling companions who may now still be numbered among the hundreds in spite of the attrition of the years . Their varied interests cover the world’s spectrum. The aim is a personal one,  it is to keep the conversation and exchange of ideas going for as long as I am able. The blog, then, will give viewers a fairly continuous idea of where I am and what I am up to so that they can respond when an interest is sparked. I hope that my camera will help prompt your comments and e-mails

The “Recent Posts” widget (sidebar) on the right will give you an idea of the travels I have  just made and of  my New York impressions. Below this is an index of my ‘Memoirs’ chapters which can now be read in the order in which they were written.

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While I was in Germany on the river Elbe, I was hoping to meet up with my young, dear, travelling friend, Beatrice. By bad luck, my trip coincided with one she was making herself, to South Africa, no less!

Instead, she persuaded her mother, Ruth to try to meet us.  In the afternoon of the day the ship was in Dresden, lo and behold, the PA system announced that two ladies were aboard asking for us! And there was Ruth with a friend who had joined her to do the interpreting. Kim and I were hoping that they would stay for dinner and, in anticipation, I arranged for us all to eat in the ship’s dining room. But, it turned out that their journey to the ship was a complicated one, involving trains and buses, and they could only stay an hour. Sadly the hour disappeared in a flash and they were off to catch the train back.

Here is a picture of Beatrice in South Africa, followed by one of Ruth and her friend on the ship:


Beatrice (She e-mailed me the picture)


Ruth, Beatrice's loving Mum and friend

Ruth, Beatrice’s loving Mum and friend. (Picture taken by Kim)








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