• Upcoming trips

    May 3 to May 10 Staying at the Royal National Hotel, Bedford Way (Telephone : 020 7637 2488). Susan, Kim and Gillian are arranging a family gathering at the nearby Greek restaurant on the 7th May

    Hope to see lots of you then. Kiowa will be joining us.

  • Theatre and Music

    April 27 The Manhattan School of Music mounted a double bill preceded by a talk given by the Director, James Robinson, on the difficulties of putting on two operas of completely different themes on a small stage following each other. The operas , both French, were:" Persee et Andromede" followed after a short break by "L'Enfant et les Sortileges". Both were bravely sung by talented young artists and the sets were remarkably transformed from one scene to the other. I didn't find the 'sortileges' as convincing as the Director had hoped but I did enjoy the evening immensely .

    Sunday, April 17 The Calidore String Quartet gave us an enlightening and powerful recital of the last works of Mozart, Bach and Mendelsohn. We were most moved by the intensity of the Mendelsohn piece. Jeffrey Myers, Violin, Ryan Meehan, Violin, Jeremy Berry, viola and Estelle Choi, cello, are most accomplished musicians.

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Ben’s Page


The content of this bBenbloglog is directed mainly, but not entirely, towards friends and travelling companions who may now still be numbered among the hundreds in spite of the attrition of the years . Their varied interests cover the world’s spectrum. The aim is a personal one,  it is to keep the conversation and exchange of ideas going for as long as I am able. The blog, then, will give viewers a fairly continuous idea of where I am and what I am up to so that they can respond when an interest is sparked. I hope that my camera will help prompt your comments and e-mails

The “Recent Posts” widget (sidebar) on the right will give you an idea of the travels I have  just made and of  my New York impressions. Below this is an index of my ‘Memoirs’ chapters which can now be read in the order in which they were written.

On the left-hand side you will see a notice of my upcoming trips followed by a notice  of my theatre- and concert-going and what my thoughts of the performances were. Below this, there is  a widget which allows those interested to register and receive notices of new posts automatically.

Notes: Click on the pictures, most will enlarge to full screen and give much greater detail



Hail! to the Springennial generation

My baby Basil brood is three weeks old now and already their first true leaves are well formed! You can even see the embryonic second set in the close-up! I do hope they turnout as well as the previous generation–their parents were delicious!

 . . . .

. . . .








4 Responses

  1. I very much enjoyed your photos from Dresden. One city in Germany that I have not been to. Claire and I have no trips planned in the near future, but the wanderlust will get to us I am sure.

    John and Claire

  2. Had a great time discussing and solving the world’s problems with you. Your daughter is absolutely wonderful. Still would like to get to Scotland with you. Tom Cook

    • Tom. Wasn’t it a marvelous trip? We enjoyed ourselves and everybody’s company so much. Did you find your picture in one of the posts? Ben

  3. I was sorely tempted to supply the names of the orchids at the botanical gardens. Fortunately for all, I resisted. Dave would not have done so!

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