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    September 7 to 15 Tony and Jo will visit us from the UK

    13-23 January, 2018 Cruise out of New York around the Caribbean on the Norwegian Gem

    October 31st - 11 November Caribbean cruise to break up the winter.
  • theatre and Concerrts

    August 2  I lined up on the geriatrics bench to get tickets for Christine and me at the Delacorte Theatre in Central Park last week. I set out early and reached the bench  before 9.30 in the morning thinking that I would be among the first–I did not want a repeat of the great disappointment of the previous week when the last ticket to be given out at noon went to the man immediately in front of Susan and myself! But I was wrong again; the bench was already two thirds full of aggressive oldies and I was once again on tenterhooks until the noon distribution. I was joined by Christine’s friend, Barbara, who , with her husband, were to make a foursome for the event. Both couples brought a bottle of wine to enhance the evening.

    And what an evening it was! Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Nights Dream” has never been done better in my view. Absolutely suited to the outdoor theatre. The set included a fairy forest with changing colored lights which added mystery to the actors who passed in and out of it. The cast included a nightclub singer. The costumes, not confined to one era, included a modern suit and gown.

    The mechanicals were a child’s delight. Part fairy tale, part pantomime the action was played at a spanking pace and was continuously amusing. What is more, Shakespeare’s words came across wonderfully well.


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Art – Latest watercolor

Here is my latest watercolor sketch. It is entitled “Venus Fly Trap”.  The winged-like flowers are well known to orchid cultivators as  a variety of Paphiopedilum according to my friend David who is an orchid grower himself. He also says that they have no link whatsoever with the real Venus Fly Trap. (12″ x 16″ on Arches paper)


7 Responses

  1. I have a paphiopedilum orchid. They are also called Lady-slipper orchids

    • Thank you. I based my title on the memory of the Venus Fly trap flowers that grew in a wild part of my old garden. And the myth of their voracious appetite for the unsuspecting insects who succumbed to their tempting ways. But David is my consulting authority on such matters.

  2. Actually,all 5 genera of this type of orchid are nicknamed the lady slipper orchids.

  3. I’ve always thought paphiopedilum orchids (lady-slippers) were a bit like pansies in that they almost appear to have a human face. They are a bit magical. I take many reference photographs of them at a local conservatory I visit several times a year. I am working a few into a watercolor painting now.

    • By coincidence, This month’s Smithsonian includes an article entitled: ‘The Venus Flytrap’s Lethal Allure’. Upon reading it, I realized that my memory has played me tricks once more. The snapping plant described in the article is nothing like the one that grew in my old garden! Rather, the plant I remember sported a largish green pouch half filled with a sticky liquid which, I somehow became informed, trapped unfortunate flies and so was named a Venus Fly Trap. It was probably one of your “Lady Slippers”?

      • It definitely sounds like a carnivorous plant. I don’t thing lady slippers are carnivorous, but I could be wrong.

  4. Kakakatydid: It seems as though the orchid you are alluding to is the miltoniopsis, previously known as Miltonia. Sadly they do not grow well at here in Florida because they truly do resemble pansies.
    Yes you are right, orchids are not carnivorous. Although the pouches can have a mixture of nectar and water. The better to trap the pollinator.

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