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    May 2 to May 14 London vacation. We will be staying in the President Hotel, 56 - 60 Guildford Street, Russell Square, London, WC1N 1DB. Telephone : 020 7388 4443. Hope to see you all then.
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    April 11 Susan, Christine and I went to “The Tank” to see Celeste Cahn perform her work: “A lady does not scratch her crotch”, which she also wrote and directed. It was an intensely acted review of women’s historical and present day emotional and societal challenges. The title protests that a lady does not scratch her crotch, but this one did– and since her hand was covered in shaving cream at the time, the result was really messy!

    April 15 Peoples’ Concert at the Town hall. An all-Mozart concert given by the Peabody Chamber Orchestra. It was conducted with confident professionalism by Leon Fleisher in spite of his advancing years. He also played the solo piano in the A Major Concerto with his old sparkle still intact.


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NY Day – UN under repair – Central Park – Tunnellers’ progress

I have just had a visit from the daughter of my predecessor at the United Nations accompanied by her husband Ivan. Rosemary wanted to see the places where her father used to work. Little did I know that the Headquarters building is already undergoing a comprehensive repair and that many of the Chambers and rooms are temporarily closed or relocated! The Delegates’ Dining room is now situated on the first floor in the space of the old cafeteria and the eleventh floor where the office of  Rosemary’s father used to be is now completely filled with stored office furniture. However, we did enjoy the lunch:

Ethel and myself in the Delegates' dining room which now overlooks the East River

Ivan and Ethel exchanging views

The General Assembly seems to be unaffected yet - Here a meeting is just about to take place

Ivan and Rosemary in the General Assembly

Decoration well known to General Assembly visitors and delegates

Meanwhile, the weekend turned out to be bright and sunny and throngs were out to enjoy the Park:

Bird and turtle watchers

Romance too!

Throngs watching the boaters from the bridge over the boating lake

Torture in the park? No, a visitor getting a Chinese massage!

Your transport awaits!

The tunnellers reached an important milestone on Saturday, May 15th

The 2oo tonne drilling head was set up in the hollowed -out section of Second Avenue and is ready to start the first bore. They held a small ceremony to commemorate the event but only Media could get close-ups underground. the only shot I could get is this one from above showing the small children who were invited. They will consider themselves very lucky to be part of New York’s history later on, I imagine.

Invitees for the Drilling Head ceremony



2 Responses

  1. My transport awaits! Hold it for me, I’ll be there soon. I’m flying home with Ethel in her luggage.

  2. Valerie. The door is open!. Ben

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