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    November 30. Susan, Christine and I saw two of three new Italian plays at the Cherry Lane theatre. I actually thought I had booked the third offer which was a Pirandello revival but we were all glad that we did not miss “The Journey I Never made” and “Story of Love and Soccer”. Both excellently translated and powerfully acted. The first is a thought provoking and somewhat unsettling portrayal of the current social turmoil and the second is modern thriller about corrupt sport and the triumph of evil over good. We were able to chat with one of the actors about the plays after the show. Before the show we ate lobster and oysters at the  “Fish” restaurant which was only two blocks from the theatre!


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New York Day

It promised to be a lovely day on Saturday so we decided to drive up to Bear Mountain via the Palisades Parkway and back across the Bear Mountain Bridge. As it turned out the sky was overcast for much of the time and the light was not so good for scenic  photography. Never-the-less, the drive, as always was spectacular–The Hudson valley never loses its artists’ delight.

           The car-park at Bear Mountain was full and the picknicing grounds were packed! We changed our plans and went on to West Point and had lunch in the Thayers Hotel in the Academy. Since 9/11, security arrangements restrict movement in the Grounds and the hotel is now privately run (Taxes are now added to the bill), but the ambience is just as wonderful–we had a table by the river.

Looking north towards Cold Spring.

Hotel garden from our table

Thayers' lobby

The same evening, there was a wonderful sunset and this is a shot of the sun striking a building in the middle distance, taken from my balcony

Sunset on the lower Hudson

While visiting Ethel’s nephew, Jonathan,  on the West Side (to see Emily and little Owen), I took  this picture of the Naval Memorial from his apartment window:

West Side Memorial

Patriotic symbol for Memorial Day

Motorcycle rally down battered Second Avenue


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