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    May 2 to May 14 London vacation. We will be staying in the President Hotel, 56 - 60 Guildford Street, Russell Square, London, WC1N 1DB. Telephone : 020 7388 4443. Hope to see you all then.
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    April 11 Susan, Christine and I went to “The Tank” to see Celeste Cahn perform her work: “A lady does not scratch her crotch”, which she also wrote and directed. It was an intensely acted review of women’s historical and present day emotional and societal challenges. The title protests that a lady does not scratch her crotch, but this one did– and since her hand was covered in shaving cream at the time, the result was really messy!

    April 15 Peoples’ Concert at the Town hall. An all-Mozart concert given by the Peabody Chamber Orchestra. It was conducted with confident professionalism by Leon Fleisher in spite of his advancing years. He also played the solo piano in the A Major Concerto with his old sparkle still intact.


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NY Day – Tunnelers’ progress

The tunnelers tell me that the drilling head has now reached 83rd Street, 10 blocks south already. As many as 40 trucks are being loaded in an 8-hour shift!

Separately, I am told that the rock near the entrance is not stable enough to withstand the battering of the return tunnel–currently holes are being drilled at various angles in the area and these will be filled with a freezing liquid to stabilise the rock.

Massive sections are being lowered into the excavation


The loneliness of the nightwatchman.


4 Responses

  1. Ben,
    I hope this isn’t a manufactured earthquake. I always thought that Manhatten was solid rock.

  2. John. We hope so too. The amount and power of the blasting that was required to hollow out Second Avenue was a great deal more than was expected. Several of the old walk-ups have had to be reinforced.

  3. Hey can I copy and paste this post on my web site? What references must I give? You might give this info for other people too.

    • Go ahead. The infomation is a little out-of-date though–The drilling head is already south of 78th Street and the garden of freezing pipes is about to be cultivated (Frosting). I hope to put up later pictures in the New Year

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