• Upcoming trips

    13-23 January, 2018 Cruise out of New York around the Caribbean on the Norwegian Gem. Note : this trip has been cancelled altogether because of the damage caused by the hurricanes to the Caribbean islands.

    October 31st - 11 November. Caribbean cruise to break up the winter. Note: The itinerary has not yet been determined owing to the havoc wreaked by the hurricanes.
  • theatre and Concerrts

    October 8 Went to BAM, for the first time since Ethel died, to hear a wonderful modern opera composed and written by Matthew Aucoin called “Crossing”. It is based on Walt Whitman’s experience and the libretto is largely taken from his poetry.

    The story is multi-themed, as modern plays tend to be; the first is a harrowing anti war depiction of the suffering wounded seen through Whitman’s eyes when he volunteered as a nurse during the American civil war; the second is Slavery and its effect upon a run-away slave who fights on the Union side; the third is treachery portrayed by a guilt-laden deserter who spies for the South. And forth, inevitably these days, is the (entirely fictional) homosexual one.

    The powerful music fits the story perfectly and the voices of the lead singers and the chorus is magnificent; Rod Gilfry, bass-baritone, sings the part of Walt Whitman, Alexander Lewis plays John Wormley, the deserter, and Davone Tines, whose baritone reminded me, distinctly, of the sound of the legendary Paul Robeson.  Both Christine and I were extremely moved by the work. We newly discovered Walt Whitman’s poetry, too.

    October 20. Thanks to the invitation of our friend Francia, who is a member, we went to the Diller-Quaile School of Music to listen to a chamber concert given by the Diller-Quaile String Quartet. The program was comprised of Haydn and Debussy quartets; played magnificently by very experienced and talented musicians in an intimate. and perfectly designed, music space. Chatting with the musicians after the concert added to a first class evening.

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NY Day – 92nd St, “Y” and Tarrytown

The 92nd Steet “Y” held its annual street fair last Sunday. Ethel and I spent a pleasant hour or two watching the entertainment being offered from the stage set up in front of the building. The arts departments each had an opportunity to show off the great variety of their students’ accomplishments and advertise their classes. 

Classical guitar

Klasma musician

Spanish Dance class



               We drove up to Tarrytown last week to see how Kelsey was progresssing and I was struck again by the changes that have been made to the Hudson villages since I left the area for the city 20 odd years ago. They have discarded most of the riverside manufacturing plants and building yards which sustained their prosperity in the past and now have become wealthy,  genteel, but charming, dormitory towns. Tarrytown, no less. Specialist tea shops and sidewalk cafes abound.

Passing the time before lunch, here is Susan, Craig and Ethel and Susan's dogs outside one of the coffee shops.

The old Music Hall gives a hint of the bustling days of the early last century

Stylish shop window

Main Street


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  1. The bench is too big for Ethel!

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