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    September 7 to 15 Tony and Jo will visit us from the UK

    13-23 January, 2018 Cruise out of New York around the Caribbean on the Norwegian Gem

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    July 1  Saw “Napoli, Brooklyn” by Meghan Kennedy at the Laura Pels Theatre. It is based upon a real-life disaster, the surprise staging of which, is mind shattering! However, the story line has a surfeit of themes added; religious brain-washing, the effect of a bullying husband and father and lesbian freedom. None of these is fully convincing in spite of the excellent acting of the cast.

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Kim’s Visit

 Kim’s time with us coincided with her birthday and the first anniversary of her nuptuals with Tom. The seven days disappeared like magic but we did manage to crowd in a fair amount of activity.  Susan and Craig brought the great-grandchildren, Jeremy and Zoe,  for a day and Kiowa and Christie brought baby Kelsey to join us for an hour or two.  We saw a play (See widget on the right), viewed , in detail, the “Brain” exhibit at the Museum of Natural History and I escorted the Scots around the bits of the United Nations buildings which are still visitable. Other than this, eating out and shopping filled the remaining moments.

Tom, Rebecca , Susan and Kim

Kim, Kelsey and Rebecca

Kiowa (father), Susan (grandmother) and Kelsey herself

Susan, Kelsey and the cameraman


A bit of the brain (enlarged)

Tom talks to The Mad Hatter (Wearing hat) in Central Park

Lobster and oysters in "Fish" (Bleeker Street)

Rebecca takes the podium in the General Assembly

New piece of art in the UN garden.

One of the uninspiring debating chambers temporarily housed in a block built in the UN garden

Rebecca bidding us farewell wearing her latest purchase


Finally, Kelsey was so overcome during her visit that she tried to hide under the bed


4 Responses

  1. Thank you again for your generous hospitality! We all had a great time – and I even managed to enjoy a Winter visit to NY without developing pneumonia! (just a cold, obviously). Thanks to Ethel for introducing us to NY Theatre Experiment, a very enjoyable evening’s entertainment. Regards to all.

  2. Thanks Tom. We really do not see enough of Kim and you so we were mightily happy to have you all for the brief visit. We hope that you will be able to stay longer next time?

  3. The baby is beautiful and photogenic. Scenes are lovely. So cheering and nice to receive.



  4. Sandy. Many thanks. After reading your comment, I realized that two pictures I had prepared were missing somehow. I have now repaired the page. Best wishes, Ben and Ethel

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