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    September 7 to 15 Tony and Jo will visit us from the UK

    13-23 January, 2018 Cruise out of New York around the Caribbean on the Norwegian Gem

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    July 1  Saw “Napoli, Brooklyn” by Meghan Kennedy at the Laura Pels Theatre. It is based upon a real-life disaster, the surprise staging of which, is mind shattering! However, the story line has a surfeit of themes added; religious brain-washing, the effect of a bullying husband and father and lesbian freedom. None of these is fully convincing in spite of the excellent acting of the cast.

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NY Day – Disaster at Bam

Since we booked to see a performance of  “The Nightingale and Other Short Fables” at the BAM Opera House,  we had been anticipating, with much pleasure, a night of innovative theatre. Not least because many of the characters were to be portrayed by puppets in a water pool just like the wonderful water-puppets we had seen and marvelled at in Viet Nam a few years earlier. We could only afford the Gallery but, after all, our seats were in the third row, so, we were in for a treat?

           Not a chance! The water pool was built in front of the stage and the full opera orchestra was crowded at the back, necessitating that the action  be exclusively front-stage. This was bad enough for the Gallery-goers during the first half when the water pool was not being used but just the same there was an unseemly scramble after the curtain went up for unoccupied seats which might have given  a marginally better view between the bobbing heads and safety rails.  But, after the interval, when the water-puppet pool came into use, there  were only two ways of seeing any part of action; lean over the safety rail as the patrons in the first row were doing or, stand up! The latter not being and option, I spent a seething hour trying to get fleeting glimpses of performance for which I had paid $28. The music and singing were completely spoiled by the frustration resulting from the effort. 

I left the theatre thoroughly angry. If I had seen the House Manager on the way out his ears would still be ringing: the performance was designed and directed for the Orchestra and Mezzanine patrons and the Gallery-goers were merely sacrificial contribution-makers! But we had booked the BAM bus for the ride home and it was waiting.  

This morning I revisited my pictures of Viet Nam  and here are few of the famous Water-puppets  together with a shot of  Met Museum lobby (My favourite place for calming the nerves).

Water- puppets of Viet Nam - Photography welcome

These puppeteers stay behind the screen at the back or completely under the water

. . . . . . And now for a chang of pace. This is where I am going to relax this afternoon:

The great lobby of the Met Museum


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