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    September 7 to 15 Tony and Jo will visit us from the UK

    13-23 January, 2018 Cruise out of New York around the Caribbean on the Norwegian Gem

    October 31st - 11 November Caribbean cruise to break up the winter.
  • theatre and Concerrts

    August 2  I lined up on the geriatrics bench to get tickets for Christine and me at the Delacorte Theatre in Central Park last week. I set out early and reached the bench  before 9.30 in the morning thinking that I would be among the first–I did not want a repeat of the great disappointment of the previous week when the last ticket to be given out at noon went to the man immediately in front of Susan and myself! But I was wrong again; the bench was already two thirds full of aggressive oldies and I was once again on tenterhooks until the noon distribution. I was joined by Christine’s friend, Barbara, who , with her husband, were to make a foursome for the event. Both couples brought a bottle of wine to enhance the evening.

    And what an evening it was! Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Nights Dream” has never been done better in my view. Absolutely suited to the outdoor theatre. The set included a fairy forest with changing colored lights which added mystery to the actors who passed in and out of it. The cast included a nightclub singer. The costumes, not confined to one era, included a modern suit and gown.

    The mechanicals were a child’s delight. Part fairy tale, part pantomime the action was played at a spanking pace and was continuously amusing. What is more, Shakespeare’s words came across wonderfully well.


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Sandhogs’ Progress

The Waterford is being Secanted!

 While we were away cruising, the sandhogs were badgering away. In order to support the underground vault for the auxilliary building which will eventually occupy the small lot opposite our building on 93rd Street, a secant wall must first be built on three sides. This wall (which will reach down to the underlying rock), will stretch from the corner of the Waterford garden on Third Avenue along to the main entrance steps, then right-angle across  93rd Street and right-angle again along the back of the lot opposite.  The engineers refer to it’s shape by the geometric term ‘secant’. It formed by drilling a series of round holes about three feet in diameter, each drill-hole overlapping the next by about a third of its diameter. Before such a wall can be built, it is necessary to construct guiding walls for the drill bit so that it cannot wander off the vertical. Incredibly, the cores are made of  polystyrene just like the packing which protected your new PAD.  Here is a picture of them:

Looking towards the Waterford entrance from the north side of 93rd Street

. . . . . similar view showing the preparation

Here, the polystyrene cores have been set in place along the back wall of the auxilliary lot and part of the right-hand one which will cross 93rd Street to the Waterford

Line of cores in front of the Waterford

Concrete is being poured around the cores to form the guiding walls

Here is an intriguing puzzle. How do you prevent the massive drill from chewing up the great tangle of utility cables which occupy much of the spce beneath the city streets and sidewalks? The Groundhog's clever solution is to bundle the cables together in flexible plastic tubes so that they can be bent around the drill as it descends!

Farewell to an eyesore

For two years we have listened to the rumble of the three storey elevator which brought up the crumbled rock from the tunneling drill to the waiting trucks.  Filling them at the rate of 40 to 50 per day:

This is the scene which greeted us last week. Doesn't seem quite so interesting does it?


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