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    May 2 to May 14 London vacation. We will be staying in the President Hotel, 56 - 60 Guildford Street, Russell Square, London, WC1N 1DB. Telephone : 020 7388 4443. Hope to see you all then.
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    April 11 Susan, Christine and I went to “The Tank” to see Celeste Cahn perform her work: “A lady does not scratch her crotch”, which she also wrote and directed. It was an intensely acted review of women’s historical and present day emotional and societal challenges. The title protests that a lady does not scratch her crotch, but this one did– and since her hand was covered in shaving cream at the time, the result was really messy!

    April 15 Peoples’ Concert at the Town hall. An all-Mozart concert given by the Peabody Chamber Orchestra. It was conducted with confident professionalism by Leon Fleisher in spite of his advancing years. He also played the solo piano in the A Major Concerto with his old sparkle still intact.


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Amy Moon Crawford becomes Amy Moon Spangler


Susan and Craig arranged a beautiful wedding in their own garden for her  daughter Amy to Jeremy Spangler. Amy’s son, Jeremy, and daughter, Zoe, by a previous marriage took part, as did Amy’s brother, Kiowa and his wife Christie and their pride and joy, Kelsey (now two years old). To keep it all in the family, Christie’s Mum, Carol, officiated at the marriage ceremony and I was the designated photographer.  The weather cooperated.

I took 190 pictures and tried to keep a certain sequence so that viewers of this blog would be able to follow the thread through preparation, arrival of the guests, ceremony and reception. I have enough successful pictures to fill many blogs and they are best seen as a slide show, but here are the highlights: (don’t forget to click on the individual pictures for the best detail)


garden toucan keeps a low profile during all the excitement

The DJ sets up

Arrival of the guests:

Kevin, friend of the groom

Kevin again


John, friend of the groom

Nate, friend of the bride and groom

Christina, newly married to Kevin, Christie’s brother

Yours truly with one of the guest dogs.

Frankie, friend of Zoe

Preview of the bride-to-be

Preview of the groom-to-be

Susan, mother-in-law to be

Christie, Kelsey and Kiowa

Christie,Kelsey, the ‘petal’ girl, and Kiowa who will give the bride away

Entrance of the Principals:

First, Mum, having made sure everything was in order!

. . . . then, the ring-keeper Jeremy, followed by a thoughtful groom

. . . . . Maid-of-Honour, Zoe, leading the ‘petal’ girl Kelsey. . . .

. . . . . beginning their grand entrance!

The Bride makes her entrance! On the arm of Kiowa. . . . .

. . .and begins her last few steps as Amy Crawford!

The Ceremony

Carol begins the ceremony

But first, a little housekeeping by the ‘petal’ girl

Zoe keeps an eye on things . . . . . . . .

. . . a bit more tidying-up is needed . . . . .

Jeremy listens carefully to Carol’s advice

Mr.and Mrs. Spangler, congratulations!

Final bit of tidying-up before the party starts . . . .

Let the party begin . . . .

Wedding party. The two men in the rear are Nate and Kevin, Jeremy’s two best men

Craig dancing with the new bride and Susan with the new husband

Bride and Groom give their thanks

John admiring the laden tables

Cutting the cake

Jeremy with his two best men


Kevin and daughter show off their moves

Zoe joins in . . .

Top of the cake

Kelsey is fascinated be Ethel’s blue ring



10 Responses

  1. What beautiful photos Ben! Your family is lovely. Congratulations to Amy and Jeremy! Love to you and Ethel

  2. Thank you for being the photographer. The pictures are wonderful.

  3. What a lovely wedding! Congratulations to the bride and groom! Much love, Bonnie

  4. The purple wedding is brilliant. Love it. Photo of the petal girl doing housekeeping is superb. Thanks for sharing.

    Best to you and Ethel.


  5. A lovely occasion. The petal girl is absolutely precious. You did a very professional job as photographer Ben.

    • Thank you everybody for your kind words–In future I will work the petal-girl, super-model, Kelsey, into every post! Ben

  6. Hi Ben. Wonderful to see photos of the wedding. Congratulations to the Bride and Groom. Lovely to see four generations of the Thompson clan, some of whom I have never met. Loved the colour theme; you all obviously had a great time and it seemed like Zoe, Jeremy and Kelsey all carried off their starring roles too. Brilliant photos Ben XX

  7. I just found myself wanting to look at these again, Ben – they are beautiful, and the slideshow order is a perfect way to (re)visit that day!

  8. Christie. Thank you. It was a very successful day from every point of view!

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