• Upcomimg Trips

    July 9 to 12 To Rehobeth Beach with Susan and Craig. Possibly take in a visit to Chincoteague to sample the seafood.
  • theatre and Concerrts

    June 13 Picnicked on The Great lawn in central Park to the music of The New York Philharmonic led by James Gaffigan. Great program with spectacular fireworks after the concert. The concert included two pieces composed by students from its education program — remarkable works (Bernstein style) from composers  11 and 12 years old respectively! They took their bows from the stage!

    June 20 The forecast rain didn’t happen so, having lined up for senior tickets in the morning, we were able to see an uninterrupted ‘Othello” in Central Park last night. The set and costumes were magnificent and the actors did their best but the direction gave  a somewhat bland production. I personally thought that some players were miscast and this distracted from the illusion.



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Seattle and Portland – part four

Valerie and her husband, Steve, live in the suburbs of Portland with their two very lovely, and talented daughters, Erin and Morgan, and Gwen, the family pet. They were all lovingly welcoming to Ethel and me and  filled every minute of our time with them with interest.

Val drove us to Cannon Beach, about three hours away on the Pacific coast to view the ocean. As it happened, a great fog-bank had rolled in a we could see very little but the ride was spectacular. We visited the Chinese and Japanese Gardens in Portland and the Waterfront Park, and ate at several of their favourite restaurants. One evening, Steve prepared  a glorious feast of fresh Halibut and Sea Bass for dinner, which we ate in his garden warmed by and outdoor heater and a bottle of wine!

Erin. Just about to start her college life

Camp 18. We stopped at this logging musem cum restaurant on our way to Cannon Beach. This is the road sign.

Tattooist at work

Steve, Val and Erin taking good care of ethel



Portland oyster bar

Portland’s see-through twin towers

Dockside structure

Ethel and Erin


Lan Su Chinese Garden

Seal-carver at work

Lotus blossom

Lotus seed pods

Steve’s garden

Erin and her (about to be married) friend, Hanah

Morgan and Ethel

Nighttime in Steve’s garden

River valley view

Valerie on the balcony of the observation tower

Bridal Veil falls

Steve and Valerie on the trail

Morgan at Marco’s for breakfast

The Rose Gardens at South Waterfront Park

Koi pond


Portland Pet

Epilogue: Bonnie and Valerie and their respective families gave Ethel, the aunt, and me, a stranger, a most wonderfully caring visit–which we will never forget! Thank you all so very much.


4 Responses

  1. Gorgeous pictures, Ben! I also loved getting a glimpse of the delights you encountered on the second leg of your journey. And, we certainly don’t consider you a stranger!! Love to you both, Bonnie

    • Bonnie. I certainly didn’t feel like one in your homes. Thank you again. I have mailed you a disc with all the pictures I took during our visit, including the ones I chose for the blog. I hope you find some of interest. Love, Ben and Ethel

  2. What a wonderful time I had vacationing with you and Ethel! I’d sleep on my couch anytime for you. Love, Valerie

  3. your flower photos are wonderful! I miss you all.


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