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    July 1  Saw “Napoli, Brooklyn” by Meghan Kennedy at the Laura Pels Theatre. It is based upon a real-life disaster, the surprise staging of which, is mind shattering! However, the story line has a surfeit of themes added; religious brain-washing, the effect of a bullying husband and father and lesbian freedom. None of these is fully convincing in spite of the excellent acting of the cast.

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NY Day – Giant bubbles in the Park and Garbage

How’s this for entrepreneurship? This New Yorker entertained the crowds with two sticks, a length of rope and a bucket of suds!

He used them to make giant rainbow-colored bubbles float free as the air in Central Park, to the delight of young and old. They lasted a surprisingly long time if they didn’t strike a snag–He must have used some glycerine or the like in his suds.

Bubbles xxl to order

Bubbles xxl to order

One floats gossamer-like  over the Park wall:


A less edyfing result of the 2nd Avenue Tunnellers’ work is the haphazard trash piles which have appeared and have to be relocated according to the progress of the construction. They are often neglected. The irony of this picture is the MTA billboard supporting the businesses behind it.

Little feet marks around the this pile are made by Starlings and rates

Little feet marks around the this pile are made by Starlings and rats

Enlarge the pictures by clicking on them for maximum inpact


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