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Ethel moves to Normandie Court

After 30 or more years of memories of her life spent in ‘The Corniche’ on 87th street, Ethel has up-staked and moved to ‘Normandie Court’.  With comfortable new furniture, (courtesy of Ramour & Flanigan and The Home Depot) she is happily settling in to her modern new apartment. She has already mastered the intimate little coffe-maker and  the state -of-the-art microwave.  The modern dishwasher is likely to take her a little longer to come to terms with. She really is delighted with her new surroundings!

(Click on the pictures for detail)

View of 'Normandie Court' with minaret  and domeof the mosque behind it. Funds for the mosque were donated by grateful Kuwaitis for our freeing them from Husain

View of ‘Normandie Court’ with minaret and dome of the mosque behind it. Funds for the mosque were donated by grateful Kuwaitis for our freeing them from Husain

Ethl surveys her new abode

Ethel surveys her new abode

Entrance and driveway

Entrance and driveway

In the Lobby with one of her new friends

In the lobby with one of her new friends

Comfortable living room--only the pictures still to be hung

Comfortable living room–only the pictures still to be hung










- - -  Ethel at work in it!

– – – Ethel at work in it!

Ethel's souvenir plates

Ethel’s souvenir plates

The bedroom - - - -

The bedroom – – – –


Daily jewellery selection!

Daily jewellery selection!

Memory of the wound clinic at Mt. Sinai

Memories !

End of the tour.

End of the tour.


7 Responses

  1. It’s a beautiful apartment Ethel! Great job Ben with all you did to help her. She’s a lucky lady!

  2. Fabulous! Everything is beautiful!! I LOVE all the light. Gorgeous couch, and the snazzy rug is pure “Ethel”! Thank you so much for posting the pictures, Ben. I can’t wait to see it in person. Much love to you both. Bonnie

  3. How beautiful! What a fantastic setting!! Thank you, Ben, for helping our lovely lady live in the digs she deserves. Can’t wait to visit and ENTER the apartment!

    The upcoming trip on the QM2 will be a wonderful way for you and Ethel to relax after all the hard work!

    I love you both and miss seeing you everyday!



  4. Claire and I wish Ethel much happiness and contentment in her new digs. Looks beautiful with lovely furnishings and decor. Don’t feel bad about the dishwasher. We got a new one about a month ago and are just starting to get the hang of it.

    John and Claire

  5. Ethel, the apartment looks amazing. Love the new rug.

    • Thank you all! When the pictures are up, you must come for coffee and cocktails. You will always be welcome to visit. Love, Ethel

  6. Ethel your new apt looks so nice… My best wishes to you and enjoy your apt! Love Spangler Amy

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