• Upcomimg Trips

    July 9 to 12 To Rehobeth Beach with Susan and Craig. Possibly take in a visit to Chincoteague to sample the seafood.
  • theatre and Concerrts

    June 13 Picnicked on The Great lawn in central Park to the music of The New York Philharmonic led by James Gaffigan. Great program with spectacular fireworks after the concert. The concert included two pieces composed by students from its education program — remarkable works (Bernstein style) from composers  11 and 12 years old respectively! They took their bows from the stage!



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My watercolour  painting has languished; falling  victim to the ‘Sturm und Drang’ of Ethel’s move over the last four months. Now we have reached calmer waters, I have hefted brush again and a picture of the ouput follows.

It is an impression of susan’s horse, ‘Playdoh’.  Aptly, It is painted on the 300lb Arches paper which Susan bought for me as a gift!

I have tried to show young  ‘Playdoh’ free from all restraints and feeling his oats.

I hope to be joining the painting class in the hold of the QM2 next week  and  on th return voyage!

Click on the picture for detail



‘Playdoh’,  12″ x 16″


2 Responses

  1. Papa, I love the painting. I know I am a little biased because of the subject matter but I think it is your best ever. You have captured his face really well including the fact that he often looks just slightly worried even when he is having fun. Must have gotten the Thompson anxiety gene by osmosis

    • Susan. Smuggly gratified that I got a good likeness for you. I’m now agonising over the choice of a frame. Love, Ben

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