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New York Day with Susan

The  week before I took the cruise to Bermuda, Susan took the train into Penn Station expressly that we could have a couple of days together, just the two of us! We made the utmost of our one  full day together:

In the early morning we took the 86th street crosstown bus (which is now a Select service!) to Fifth Avenue and walked down to the Met to view the Thomas Hart Benton murals which were new to Susan. We intended to see the Sergeant exhibit afterwards  but we spent so much time in the Hart Benton rooms and being sidetracked by some of the modern art rooms, that lunchtime sprang upon us. So we made our way past the Tiffany window and through the modern sculpture garden and shared a sandwich with coffee in the garden café.

We then walked down to the Central Park zoo and, since the price of entry included it, we took in the 4-D animated wide-screen film which is great fun for children of all ages. After the film, we went into the Armoury, which is now the headquarters of the Central Park Conservancy, but started out as the original Museum of Natural History! There was an on-going exhibition of  photographs of Landmark buildings and one tree but we did not linger too long over it. Instead, we went into the rain-forest  section of the zoo and spent time looking at the exotic plumage and a snake or two.

Walking back to Third Avenue, we encountered Alice’s Tea Rooms and elected to sample the traditional afternoon tea of scones, cream, and strawberry jam with a pot of tea of our choice.

Thence, by Third Avenue bus to the apartment. And, after some daughter and father cooperation in the production of  home-made (but authentic) Miso soup and ginger salad dressing, we dined on  the balcony on Sushi and Sashimi washed down with a bottle of Nigori (unfiltered sake).

The next morning, immediately after breakfast, we walked along the Harlem River path to Target’s emporium where I purchased a replacement  pot-scourer. We had to return by cab because the time before Susan’s train’s departure was closing alarmingly. But, she made it alright!

Click on the pictures for detail

Tiffany window

Tiffany window


Susan checkered shadows of the early morning in the Sculpture Garden

Susan in the checkered shadows of the early morning in the Sculpture Garden


Ultimate abandon!

Ultimate abandon!


Susan was very much moved by the expression of this little boy's prowess!

Susan was very much moved by the expression of this little boy’s prowess!


Please, don't get up!

Please, don’t get up!


Proud owner of a spotted Dashund in Central park

Proud owner of a spotted Dashund in Central park


Rain-forest inhabitant

Rain-forest inhabitant


 . . . in full display . .

. . . in full display . .


Traditional afternoon tea!

Traditional afternoon tea!


 . . . dinner with NY backdrop

. . . dinner with NY backdrop


Dinner on the balcony

Dinner on the balcony  . . . . .



with candle-light and Sake







2 Responses

  1. A wonderful quality father-daughter visit in the City at a great time of the year! Great photos! 😊

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