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    October 14 to 21 Cruise - Bermuda
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    June 13 Picnicked on The Great lawn in central Park to the music of The New York Philharmonic led by James Gaffigan. Great program with spectacular fireworks after the concert. The concert included two pieces composed by students from its education program — remarkable works (Bernstein style) from composers  11 and 12 years old respectively! They took their bows from the stage!

    June 20 The forecast rain didn’t happen so, having lined up for senior tickets in the morning, we were able to see an uninterrupted ‘Othello” in Central Park last night. The set and costumes were magnificent and the actors did their best but the direction gave  a somewhat bland production. I personally thought that some players were miscast and this distracted from the illusion.



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Sunday Afternoon with Julia and Roger at the Rockefeller Preserve.

Having read of our adventures in the Westchester parks, Julia and Roger, who love to hike in the woods themselves, suggested that we visit their house in Pleasantville, and, from there, they would take us for a ramble on the easier paths of the Rockefeller State Preserve. We, of course, jumped at the chance to spend  a sunny afternoon in their company. We took a Third Avenue bus to the garage where Christine keeps her car and drove for less than an hour to the Crawford’s landmark house which was built in the 1700’s and, of which, they are justifiably proud. Here are some pictures contributed by our various cameras. Enlarge them for detail: 

The Two Ben’s – my namesake, Roger and Julia’s son – now towers head and shoulders above me!


Relaxing with Roger in his backyard . . .


Julia, lovely as ever . . .


. . . into the woods . . .


Tranquil afternoon at the beach


Not lost . . . .


. . . . .


Julia and Christine planning the next trip . . . .


Time to rest up and contemplate . . .




3 Responses

  1. Thank goodness you had supervision this time! Looks like a lovely hike

  2. So much more civilized than your last adventure!

  3. Looks like a hike I wouldn’t mind going to. Glad you are not lost because you would have not been able to enter into the blog. Ha, Ha, Ha! Just kidding. Glad to see you again. Nereida

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