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    December 9. The MSM mounted two one-act operas: I Due Timidi by Nino Rota and Suor Angelica by Puccini. The sets, acting and voices were superb  – an infinitely better experience than the Met’s from the back of the Family Circle. We were enthralled.


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Like Life at the Met Breuer

During Susan’s brief visit, we took the Q train to 72nd Street and thence to The Breuer on Madison. I was particularly anxious to see the exhibit of sculpture from across the last 500 years in light of the #metoo activism which supposedly influenced the exhibition. Gone were the voluptuous curves of the classical portrayals of the female form by the old masters – here they were replaced by stark realism and over-literal detail. Even including an autopsied carcass with distinctly unsexist organs on public display! Enlarge the  pictures for detail:

Patrons pondering a potato lady




Sexist image?


Modern Miss


Everything in its right place?


. . . of course!


The years hang heavy!


. . . . the same lady, all dressed up . . .


Office discussion


This exhibit is interesting but seems a little odd in the context


. . . as does this one . . .


Beautifully carved marble detail of one of the more traditional forms.


The traditionally moulded backside of the figure above!
























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