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    May20 My dear friend, Barbara, invited me to a play reading at the Roundabout Theatre Company. The play is by Greg Pierce and is entitled: The Decoys. the storyline has, as a base, the tale of the two escapees from a high-security prison some years ago. They engineered their exit with the help of electric tools supplied to them by a prison guard who was also the girl friend of one. I seem to remember that one died, somehow, shortly after the escape and the other recaptured. I do remember that the girl friend was arrested and charged. However,the main theme of the play seems to be the conflicted emotions of father and son. I found the reading, interupted by scene settings by the Director, somewhat rambling and difficult to follow. My short-term memory failed to reinforce my imagination.
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Rehoboth Beach via The Cape May Ferry

Last week we met up with Susan and Craig for four days of R & R at Rehoboth Beach in Delaware. Christine wanted to drive via the Cape May ferry — something she had not done before. The weather was warm and bright —  perfect for a boat ride — it took just over an hour to get to Lewes, in Delaware. A very enjoyable trip.

The confident smoke-stack of the ferry-boat


Top deck


Passengers waiting aft


Cape May dock

From Lewes, it is a ten-mile drive to Rehoboth Beach where Susan had booked us a room next to hers in the Sandcastle Motel. It is a very slow ten miles because the greater part of the route is through a continuous series of strip-malls requiring 14 sets of traffic lights in seven miles! The sun was too strong for me to stay long at the beach. I walked around the lake in the leafy shade of the local park; ate oysters, mussels and clams at several of the local restaurants and wound up with a fun evening at Rehoboth’s amusement arcade. Susan and I share the same passion when it comes to skeeball, cranes and whack-a-mole. My eye is not as efficient as it used to be, but I did manage to lift out a stuffed Kermit doll with one of the cranes and I successfully whacked a rubber frog  onto a floating lily pad to  be rewarded with a stuffed snake! (Susan has posted a video clip of this event on her Facebook page).

Strange name but a perfect place to relax


Appropriate décor for the biggest seafood restaurant in town


A passing visitor was so impressed by our relaxed disposition, that she asked to take this photo of us!





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