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    December 9. The MSM mounted two one-act operas: I Due Timidi by Nino Rota and Suor Angelica by Puccini. The sets, acting and voices were superb  – an infinitely better experience than the Met’s from the back of the Family Circle. We were enthralled.


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Old-fasioned Conservation plus old-fashioned Ingenuity

For some time, Christine has had all the elements of her new computer ready to be assembled but lacked the space to set them up. We spent several hours at the Container store and similar DIY places for suitable ready-made shelves to attach to the wall; and many more hours on the Internet trying to find a computer hutch which would fit her 42 inch Desk–All to no avail.

As luck would have it, we found, on the curbside outside our building, a discarded free-standing book case six feet or more tall. Originally procured from Ikea and assembled, it was now back in its packaged state and bundled together for the garbage collector. I prevailed upon my friend George in the building, to transfer the bundle to my apartment, and, borrowing a hand-saw from the Super’s office, I cut the boards as accurately as I could and screwed them together with 1 1/2 inch woodscrews with the result pictured below:

. . . a hutch to fit Christine’s desk perfectly! From found materials . . .

Waste not, want not!


4 Responses

  1. Yes, I did see it and you did a fine job! You go Ben!!

  2. Looks fabulous! I have a much smaller shelving unit on my desk for little pots of stationary, pens and note. I found it in Dad’s (Dennis) garage many moons ago. I think he’d made it as a school project.
    Love to you and Christine,
    Tracey x

    • Tracey. I feel sorry that we didn’t get to see the Sir John Soames exhibit with you–next year, perhaps? I am feeling proud of myself for two reasons: first, the do-good high for helping to save the planet and, second, that I can still handle a handsaw and drill! Love, Ben

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