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    May20 My dear friend, Barbara, invited me to a play reading at the Roundabout Theatre Company. The play is by Greg Pierce and is entitled: The Decoys. the storyline has, as a base, the tale of the two escapees from a high-security prison some years ago. They engineered their exit with the help of electric tools supplied to them by a prison guard who was also the girl friend of one. I seem to remember that one died, somehow, shortly after the escape and the other recaptured. I do remember that the girl friend was arrested and charged. However,the main theme of the play seems to be the conflicted emotions of father and son. I found the reading, interupted by scene settings by the Director, somewhat rambling and difficult to follow. My short-term memory failed to reinforce my imagination.
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Sunday in the Park . . . . with the Capulli Dance Company

On a heat-advisory day last Sunday, Christine and I took the 96 Street crosstown to Fifth Avenue and, from there, dragged our reluctant feet up the Park to Harlem Meer where the  Conservancy hosts its regular summer Sundays offerings. The offering for the day was a Mexican band and dance troupe. We were a little late but the effort was well worth every drop of sweat; the music was toe-tappingly lively and the dancers, dressed in traditional costumes, were accomplished and obviously enjoying what they were doing; the audience, sheltered under the trees, caught their spontaneity and humour and applauded rapturously. Enlarge the pictures to full screen for detail:

All these picture were taken with Christine’s phone . .


The costumes were spectacular . . .


. . . . .


The men did their part with humour and wit. . . .


. . . .


. . . .


. . . .


. . . .


Band’s  eye view  . . .


The Mexican Band under the Park Tent with Harlem Meer on the left . . .


Enthusiastic dancer enveloped in her swirling costume!




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