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    Feb 3 - 17 Western Caribbean cruise. Hurrah! Susan and Craig will be cruising with us!
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    January 19. Started the new year off with a visit to the Big Apple Circus at Lincoln Centre. It was a wonderful outing; I felt much of the excitement of yester-year! Now-a-days there are no exotic animals, like elephants and tigers, to catch the imagination but disc-catching dogs and beautifully groomed horses and ponies performed with as much enthusiasm as their audience applauded their performance.

    The highlights of the evening were the aerialists, trapeze artists and jugglers; competition to out-perform has honed these performer’s skills to incredible heights and, in order to awe their audience, requires them to take enormous risks.

    One contemporary take was a reversal of roles; a slightly framed female contortionist bore the weight of a 200lb muscleman balancing on her shoulders and torso!




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Bermuda Break on the “Escape”

This break was our second on the “Escape”; too large a ship for our liking but we are now taking balcony rooms and spending much less time wandering around the rest of the ship.

It seems that there is never a cruise these days without some incident; we owe a reduction in price of this cruise to the breakdown of the “Gem” in Bermuda on our last trip–it lost power at sea and NCL had to fly all we passengers back to New York (We were delighted with the extra two days in the sun, though!) On this trip a lady fell and broke her hip and the ship’s position dictated that we make full steam to the north side of Bermuda where a rescue boat met us to take the patient to hospital! (On two previous occasions, medical emergencies have meant that the ship we were on had to turn back towards the US mainland and steam at full speed until it was in range of a helicopter which air lifted the passenger to the shore).

In addition, we lost most of a day on the island because there was no dock space for the ship and the local authorities had forbidden tendering. As a result, I poodled around the Royal Navy Dockyard for an hour or so on the last day and Christine managed only one trip to Horseshoe Beach for a swim. Never-the-less the relaxation was well worth the trip.


Official photo while we were at dinner


The Commissioner’s house and Christine . . .


Cabin steward’s towel work.


Emergency drill-Crew muster


. . . . .


Another official photo – at the Captain’s table. We are next to the window on the right.


The new New Jersey – growing up beside the old Colgate Clock!




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