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    November 1. At Lincoln Center we saw the Hungarian State Opera’s production of two one-act operas; “Mario and the Magician” by Janos Vadja and “Bluebeard’s Castle”  by Bartok. Both the (large) orchestra and the singers were superb but the set was necessarily sparse since, I suppose,  it travelled with the company from Hungary, and the lighting was sometimes incomprehensible. My late friend , Ethel, and I,  saw the Company several times in the old Opera House in Budapest.

    November 10. Saw The Producers Clubs’ production of “Hamlet”. With  a minimum stage setting, not-withstanding, Rosencrantz,  Guildenstern and Polonius being played by women, the cast gave us a wonderful evening’s Shakespeare – Hamlet was outstanding!  To add interest to the evening’s enjoyment, I found a wallet at the front of the stage  and, upon examination, it belonged to the stage “Horatio’ – He would  have had a hassle returning home; his metro card was inside!




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The Launch of the Pumpkin Flotilla

On Sunday afternoon, while Christine was in Philadelphia celebrating her sister’s birthday, I took my camera to Central Park to watch the Launch of the Pumpkins–A spectacle put on by Central Park Conservancy. The event drew hoards of New Yorkers and their kids, who were having a great time in their Halloween costumes–chasing each other all over the park and wielding their mock weapons!

Many people brought their own carved pumpkins to join the fleet of professionally carved ones. We had to wait until 6.30 in the sharp breeze so that it was dark enough to show off the candle-lit flotilla, but the wait was worth the excitement.

Click on the pictures for detail:

Fancy carving!


Artist’s concentration . . . .


preparing the fleet – Each string was rowed around the lake by a witch on a skiff


The staff joined in the fun . . . .


. . . .as did the Mums and Dads . . .


. . . . as well as all the kids . . .


. . .not forgetting the pets . . . .


. . . . .


Pre-launch activities . . . .


. . . .  even the MTA got into the act! . . . .


headdresses were varied . . .


. . . . .


. . . . . .


Awaiting the off!


. . . the Off!. . . . .


. . .the float-by . . .



The background to all these dark goings on!


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