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    November 1. At Lincoln Center we saw the Hungarian State Opera’s production of two one-act operas; “Mario and the Magician” by Janos Vadja and “Bluebeard’s Castle”  by Bartok. Both the (large) orchestra and the singers were superb but the set was necessarily sparse since, I suppose,  it travelled with the company from Hungary, and the lighting was sometimes incomprehensible. My late friend , Ethel, and I,  saw the Company several times in the old Opera House in Budapest.

    November 10. Saw The Producers Clubs’ production of “Hamlet”. With  a minimum stage setting, not-withstanding, Rosencrantz,  Guildenstern and Polonius being played by women, the cast gave us a wonderful evening’s Shakespeare – Hamlet was outstanding!  To add interest to the evening’s enjoyment, I found a wallet at the front of the stage  and, upon examination, it belonged to the stage “Horatio’ – He would  have had a hassle returning home; his metro card was inside!




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Christine Gets Painted

On Halloween eve, Christine and I went to the NYC Museum to participate in the Family Party fun. I, at least, had been around a year or two longer than all the other party-goers  but we, never-the-less, enjoyed the little ones tirelessly jigging around in their costumes, arms and legs akimbo, while their mums and occasional dad watched with pride.

We arrived early, so, while waiting for the action to start, the face-painting lady started on Christine. The following evening we went back to the museum for the “Members Appreciation Night” (Hors d’oeuvres and Prosecco)–No children present!

Click on the pictures for detail

The artist at work . . .


The completed artwork . . . .


dressed-up to fit in with the other guests . . .


. . . . portrait pose


. . . . .



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