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    No trips scheduled at the moment. Plus, owing to the covid 19 restrictions, my 99th birthday has been postponed until further notice. Jo is waiting for a knee proceedure and she and Tony will not be visiting me in New York in August. Early next year, covid willing!
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    Unfortunately all theatres and concert halls are closed for the duration! I miss them more than ever, now, but my collection of CD's and DVD's make up for some of the loss.
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Christmas with the Crawford/Charters

Susan and Craig came to my place for, what has now become, a traditional Xmas meal for us. My signature dish, served early, at the hour which British kids are usually clamouring to open their Christmas stockings, was: full English breakfast accompanied by Pol Roger Champagne (Dorothy’s favourite), Grand Marnier and Christmas Crackers! Since this building has no chimney to climb down, I took the liberty of hanging and filling Christmas stockings for my daughter and son-in-law the night before they arrived:

Stockings for Craig and Susan


Craig’s plate is already on the table . . . .


Craig . . . . .


Craig openss his Christmas stocking . . . .


Me . . . .


Selfie of all three Christmas revelers (it seems that I’m about to sneeze?) . . .

On Boxing Day (the day after Christmas) we took the Hudson Line train from 125th  Street to Tarrytown where Kiowa picked us up and took us to his house. He had arranged a group lunch for Susan’s family together with Craig’s family at a restaurant in Purchase a few miles away:

Here we all are, posing for the family picture . . . Left to right; Charley (Craig’s grandson); Kiowa, Kelsey and Christie, David (Craig’s son-in-law and Kristin’s husband), Ryan and Kristin (Craig’s grandson and daughter), Jeremy and Zoe (My great-grandson and great-granddaughter, Zoe. Chloe (Craig’s granddaughter, Craig, Susan and me. This picture was taken by the head chef and owner of the restaurant


Kiowa, Jeremy, Zoe, Christie and Kelsey . . .


Craig and me . . .


Chloe, Ryan with Craig . . ,


Me and Kiowa . . .


Jeremy, Zoe, Christie and Kelsey with her back to the photographer . . .


My friend Ruben and me in the Waterford lobby . . .


Lastly, Christine took this picture of the Helmsley building decorated for Christmas.








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