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    5 - 12 January Cruise to the southern Caribbean islands Tony and Jo will be visiting me in New York from August 28th
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    Christmas Day 2019 With great luck I managed to get three tickets for the play, "Greater Clements" running at The Mitzi E Newhouse in Lincoln Center. A new play by Samuel D. Hunter, it is beautifully written and superbly acted (Especially by Judith Ivey who plays Maggie). The story line is harrowing and the audience, including we three, was spellbound by it. It is a play which I really want to see again!
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Caribbean Cruise with Susan and Craig (Part 1)



. . . . so proclaimed the poster which greeted us as we landed in the Mexican tourist resort of Cosumel. The great many tourists off the three cruise ships which were docked there, found the notice extremely humourous; for the Americans among us, however, the humour was tempered with a certain dolefulness.

The NCL cruise ship we boarded at Pier 91 in Manhattan was one of their largest, the “Escape”; displacing more than 175,000 tons and accommodating some 3,000 passengers:

Click on the pictures for best detail:

THE “Escape”

The hulls of NCl”s ships are all decorated with paintings in the signature styles of different artists, this one by Guy Harvey. Guy Harvey is not only a great portrayer of marine life, but he has founded, and leads, a foundation for the preservation of the oceans. He is a vastly experienced deep-sea diver and his team has produced incredible under-sea movies of sharks, whales and sailfish and the like! The forward hull of the ship is painted with his logo: a breeching sail-fish with its beak wide open–I have a smaller one woven into the back of a tropical shirt I bought long before the ship was built!

The “Escape’s” distinctive chandelier . . . .


. . . . and intriguing Bar


Dining in the “Bistro”  . . . . .


Craig, Susan, Christine and me. . . . .


Christine . . . . .


. . . the ladies make their choice  in the Manhattan restaurant. . .


. . . . . .


Craig deliberates . . . .


Susan’s dessert

We manged, by dint of lining up very early in the stand-by line, to get a table in the Supper Club one night. The entertainment for the evening was provided by the Vox Futura; four classically-trained male singers from the UK who, among many other successes, won the European Song Contest. Their style of singing is a combination of operatic and soul — and an impressively refreshing sound it is–very exciting!

Here we are at our booth table: (Susan took the pictures)

Craig and Christine


Christine and me

Costa Maya, Mexico

At this port stop, we decided to do our own thing; Susan and I went to visit a Mayan ruin, Craig went on a snorkeling outing and Christine was happy to take a trip on the “Party Bus”! Here  she is boarding it:

A joyful Christine boards the party bus


Our guide to the Chacchoben Mayan temple has everybody mesmerised . . .


Chacchoben temple. I have seen much larger structures and, better restored than this – but this one has taken 30 years to rescue from an irresistibly encroaching forest — and this is only a tiny part of a once great city uncovered so far!


Susan climbed up as far as was permitted while I watched from a bench below

Susan and I completed our side trip in a bar/restaurant in sight of the docked “Escape”. We dined on a local spiny lobster cooked to perfection on an open grill, served with chips, salad, guacamole and a local beer. At our feet, the sparkling Caribbean splashed the rocks with enthusiastic glee. Unfortunately, the glee was a little too much around coast and Craig’s snorkeling trip had to be abandoned!


















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