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    5 - 12 January Cruise to the southern Caribbean islands Tony and Jo will be visiting me in New York from August 28th
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    Christmas Day 2019 With great luck I managed to get three tickets for the play, "Greater Clements" running at The Mitzi E Newhouse in Lincoln Center. A new play by Samuel D. Hunter, it is beautifully written and superbly acted (Especially by Judith Ivey who plays Maggie). The story line is harrowing and the audience, including we three, was spellbound by it. It is a play which I really want to see again!
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The Ghost of July Garland

Last Saturday, St. Patrick’s Day, Christine and I went to The Producers Club on West 44th to experience the incomparable Peter Mac as Judy Garland! He introduces himself as Liza Minelli’s mother and he sings, and dresses, in the style of Judy in her vulnerable years. His monologue is sprinkled with funny (if somewhat Rabelaisian) one-liners, but the pathos is ever-present below the surface. It is most touching when he sings “Somewhere over The rainbow”.

Peter Mac as Judy Garland. (Picture taken by Christine on her mobile phone)

I was anxious to tell Peter how much we appreciated his talent and, to let him know that Judy Garland, at the age of sixteen and dressed in young girls’ frilly clothes, was the heart-throb of the whole British Army, (including me), some seventy-five years earlier! And, that his performance brought back powerfully nostalgic memories of a wonderful child actress. He keeps, on stage, a pair of the red shoes used by Judy to skip down ‘The Yellow  Brick Road’. I was surprised to hear from him that Judy Garland died fifty years ago!


Peter invited us to  have a picture taken with him. Dr. John (His spouse of ten years) kindly took this one with Christine’s phone. A must-see performance!





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  1. Looks you and Christine had a very enjoyable time.

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