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    May20 My dear friend, Barbara, invited me to a play reading at the Roundabout Theatre Company. The play is by Greg Pierce and is entitled: The Decoys. the storyline has, as a base, the tale of the two escapees from a high-security prison some years ago. They engineered their exit with the help of electric tools supplied to them by a prison guard who was also the girl friend of one. I seem to remember that one died, somehow, shortly after the escape and the other recaptured. I do remember that the girl friend was arrested and charged. However,the main theme of the play seems to be the conflicted emotions of father and son. I found the reading, interupted by scene settings by the Director, somewhat rambling and difficult to follow. My short-term memory failed to reinforce my imagination.
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The Pond, Central Park

By taking the Crosstown bus at 96th Street to Central Park West and walking three blocks north, we have discovered “The Pond’ — an idyllic little jewel at all seasons. At this time of the year, it is covered with a thick mat of bright yellow duckweed from shore to shore. it is ,of course home to a family of ducks but there is also a resident Grey heron and a Great White. And , as a reminder of “Wind In The Willows” a family of water rats have also  made it their home!

Here is a sketch I made last week:

“The Pond” in its summer coat . . .


Latest artwork

Largely as a result of a mishap, I am trying a mixed media format: things were going really well until I discovered that I had inadvertently used double sided adhesive tape instead of my masking tape. Removing it left a gooey mess all over my nice new 300lb Arches paper, from which, my watercolors recoiled with horror!


View from the Royal Dockyard, Bermuda

Painting – The “prop” table

Watercolour painting is an untidy pursuit; with familiarity, once-meticulously clean water jars, palettes and easel become cluttered with interesting items and pigments that one might want to include in a sketch one day, or, maybe, not.  This sketch is of my own current clutter and wish list: click on the image for detail:

The “prop” table



Raccoon at the Picnic

Here’s a sketch inspired by a clip of a  pet raccoon Susan sent me – enlarge for detail :


A welcome, but uninvited, guest . . . .

Flowerpot Art

On our way to Montauk last year, we came across these two  humerous flowerpots.

Top and . . . . .

Top and . . . . .


 . . . . . bottom

. . . . . bottom

The subject of the following watercolour skctch is the life-guard’s rescue boat, fully equipped and ready to go–with bathers enjoying the surf in the distance.



This boat was on the beach at Atlantic City when Gillian and I visited last year.




Party Pots

During my visit to Susan’s house to commemorate the 4th July, I painted this sketch of Susan’s whimsical flowerpots to commemorate Kelsey’s upcoming birthday on the 17th July. It is now mounted and framed and I intend to give it to her this week (See previous post: “Kelsey’s Tea Party”) :

Click on the picture to see the ant:

"Kelsey's Tea Party"

“Kelsey’s Tea Party”


Latest paintings

Here are two sketches I made while visiting Nicaragua with Susan and Craig:

Nicaraguan Interior

Nicaraguan Interior


Nicaraguan Exterior

Nicaraguan Exterior (The bird was a resident  constantly protesting human interference)